Pacific NW Pale Ale Kit

Pacific NW Pale Ale Kit

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The beer that made the Northwest famous.  Hoppy but balanced, dozens of versions of this beer have been brewed in Oregon, Washington, and Northern California for nearly 30 years ,with the resounding underlying theme being Cascade hops or their cousins the "C-Hops": Columbus, Centennial, Chinook, and now also Citra.  We use Cascade in this kit for an updated aroma profile.  Get a bit creative if you like and use more hops in this kit early in the boil for a bitter less aromatic beer.  Or, save more hops for mid and late additions to increase both hop flavor and aroma.  


Specifications of this Beer style.

Ideal Fermentation Temp: 68 F

OG: 1.051

FG: 1.011

IBU: 54

Percieved Bitterness: Medium

ABV: 5.3%

Color: 5.5 SRM

Yield: 5 gallons


These Extract kits are perfect for novice and experienced brewers alike.  The 2-page (front and back) instructions are full of details and pointers to make sure each batch tastes perfect.