Brut IPA 5 gallon - Extract

Brut IPA 5 gallon - Extract

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Named after Brut Champagne for its dryness and fruity, white wine-like characters.  A special enzyme and heavy dry hop additions make sure this beer is easy to drink without the cloying bitterness of some IPAs.  Our Brute IPA also goes well in a tall glass with a dash or two of orange juice.  Cheers!

This Kit Includes:
6 pounds of dry extract
1 pound of dextrose
Steeping grain
7 ounces of hops
amylase enzyme
Grain steeping bag

Projected ABV 7-8%
Projected IBU 15-25
Projected SG 1.060-1.070
Projected SRM 4-5
Projected FG 1.010-1.005
Ferm Temp 58-65

Suggested Yeast Strains:
CellarScience Cali
Safale US-05