Milk Stout 5 Gallon - All Grain

Milk Stout 5 Gallon - All Grain

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A smooth and creamy dark ale with roasted characters reminiscent of dark chocolate and espresso.  This ale uses lactose, an unfermentable sugar, to achieve a sweet character that is balanced by dark roast malt.  Think about experimenting by adding coffee.

This kit contains:
13 pounds of grain
1 pound of Lactose
2 ounces of hops

Projected ABV 5.8%
Projected IBU 30
Projected SG 1.062-1.068
Projected SRM 38
Projected FG 1.025-1.032
Ferm Temp 62-70F

Suggested Yeast Strains:
Safale S-04
London ESB
A10 Darkness
A09 Pub
CellarScience English