Holiday Ale 5 Gallon - All Grain

Holiday Ale 5 Gallon - All Grain

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A reddish-bronze beer bursting with aromas of the holiday season.  This ale has a slight alcoholic warmth and a medium to full body that blends perfectly with the spices.  This is a great beer to brew as a gift or to enjoy during the cold, dark nights of the holiday season.  

This kit includes:
15.5 pounds of grain
2 ounces of hops 

Projected ABV 7.3%-7.7%
Projected IBU 34
Projected SG 1.073-1.081
Projected SRM 23
Projected FG 1.019-1.023
Ferm Temp 62-70F

Suggested Yeast Strains:
Safale S-04
CellarScience English
A01 House
A09 Pub
London ESB