2018 Flag 8 Baltic Porter Clone 5 Gallon - Extract

2018 Flag 8 Baltic Porter Clone 5 Gallon - Extract

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This Baltic Porter is a clone of the collaborative brew, Flag 8, that is brewed for AZ Beer Week.  With a malty start and a smooth, yet roasty, dry finish you can find characters of dark roasted coffee.  This is a beer that is strong enough to age but it is smooth enough to drink fresh.

This kit includes:
3.3 pounds Pilsen Liquid Extract
2 pounds Pilsen Dry Extract
6.6 pounds Munich Liquid Extract
2.25 ounces steeping grain
3 ounces of hops (Magnum, Saaz)
Grain steeping bags

Yeast is sold separately
This beer is typically brewed as a cool lager ferment but can be made using an ale yeast at cool temperatures.  
we recommend using 2 packs of lager yeast. such as S-23W-34/70L17 HarvestL13 Global
If using ale yeast we also recommend using 2 packs.  Such as Nottingham

Projected ABV 8.5%-9.5%
Projected IBU 32
Projected SG 1.089-1.094
Projected SRM 33
Projected FG 1.020-1.025
Ferm Temp see yeast pouch