Beverage Line Cleaner BLC - 4 oz

Beverage Line Cleaner BLC - 4 oz

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Alkaline based draft line cleaner easily loosens soils and mineral deposits from beverage lines, faucets, and more. Works with all electrical, mechanical, and hand driven draft cleaning equipment.

BLC Beverage System Cleaner for direct draw systems, tap boxes, kegerators and home draft systems

Effective at only 1/2 oz per quart of water

Use on draft lines, coils, rods, faucets, fittings, parts and more

Dissolves quickly in cold or warm water

Add ½ oz BLC for each quart of water.  Drain out beer and run solution into line.  Circulate for 15 minutes, or longer if system is neglected.  Flush cleaning solution from line and rinse with clean water.  Re-tap and draw rinse water until beer appears.