British Brown Ale 5 Gallon - Extract

British Brown Ale 5 Gallon - Extract

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British style Brown Ale that is malt focused with an emphasis on roasted flavors.  A reddish-brown color and a hearty malt backbone make this beer easy to enjoy by the fire or sipping with friends.  

This kit includes:
3 pounds Pale Ale dry extract
3.3 pounds Sparkling Amber liquid extract
12 ounces steeping grain
Grain steeping bag

Projected ABV 4.5%-5%
Projected IBU 31
Projected SG 1.049-1.054
Projected SRM 22
Projected FG 1.014-1.018
Ferm Temp 62-70F

Suggested Yeast Strains:
London ESB
CellarScience English
A01 House