Chinook Rhizome - pre-order

Chinook Rhizome - pre-order

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12.0-14.0% AA - Grows well in dry, hot climates. Does not grow well in moist climates.  Subject to spider mites, and a great Ornamental hop on top of it's fantastic flavors!

Very distinctive bittering hop usually used in ales. Some brewers use for a finish hop as well, it has a medium spicy aroma. The flavor/aroma is spicy and unique, with a huge following of loyal fans.

Rhizomes should be planted immediately for best results. If your area is still experiencing frost then you can plant them in a planter indoors until it is safe to transplant outside. The first years crop will generally be smaller than subsequent years. Since these are live plants, we cannot guarantee they will grow, so we recommend buying two of each type to help ensure their success.

This hop rhizome will grow into a beautiful hop vine that will produce Chinook hop flowers.  

These are seasonally available items that typically arrive in April.