Cream Ale  5 Gallon - All Grain

Cream Ale 5 Gallon - All Grain

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A super drinkable, balanced beer that has enough flavor to be enjoyed in the cold months but is light enough to be crushed during the hot times. Flaked corn adds a depth of flavor that is complemented by light, fruity, and floral Cluster hops.

This kit contains:
8.5 pounds of grain
1 pound of dextrose
1 ounce of hops
Dry Enzyme

Projected ABV 5.2%
Projected IBU 15
Projected SG 1.050-1.055
Projected SRM 3
Projected FG 1.010-1.015
Ferm Temp 58-65F

Suggested Yeast Strains:
Safale US-05
CellarScience Cali
A07 Flagship