Double Black IPA 5 Gallon - Extract

Double Black IPA 5 Gallon - Extract

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A beautiful black IPA that drinks a lot like an American Stout.  This beer comes in at 100 IBU's but the balance of malts make it drink much smoother.   Strong alcohol and hop bite make this beer quite the conversation piece.

This kit includes:
6 pounds of Golden light Dry Extract
3.3 pounds Munich Liquid Extract
Steeping grain
1 pound Dextrose
9 ounces of hops
Grain steeping bag

Projected ABV 8%
Projected IBU 100
Projected SG 1.065-1.070
Projected SRM 40+
Projected FG 1.010-1.015
Ferm Temp  61-68F

Suggested Yeast: 2 packets or a starter is reccomended
Cellarscience Cali
Safale US-05
Imperial Flagship