Dry Malolactic Bacteria - MBR-31 - 2.5g pouch

Dry Malolactic Bacteria - MBR-31 - 2.5g pouch

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MBR 31 was chosen by the ITV in France for use in white and red wines for high activity and positive flavor characteristics. In white wines it is known for acid reduction, light buttery flavor, respect for fruit, increased body and length of finish. In red wines it is known for increasing berry fruit flavors and mouthfeel. MBR 31 is a good strain for use at temperatures as low as 15 C (59 F). Of the MBR strains, it is the most tolerant of low pH.

  • Alcohol tolerance <14% v/v.
  • SO2 tolerant <45 ppm
  • pH >3.1
  • Temperature >55 degrees F

You can't store malolactic bacteria once the package has been opened. Note: Malolactic bacteria added during the ferment will compete with the yeast for nutrients and are antagonistic to yeast, sometimes causing problems resulting in stuck or stalled fermentations. The best time to add an ML culture is after racking off the gross lees..

2.5g packet is good for 66 gal (250L)