English Barley Wine 5 gallon - All Grain

English Barley Wine 5 gallon - All Grain

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This is a big beer! Our English BarleyWine clocks in at over 11% ABV and is balanced by a medium hop bitterness and an earthy hop flavor. This is a beer that can be set aside for a few years and will mature and change as it ages.

This Kit Includes:
20 pounds of grain
4 ounces of hops (Nugget, East Kent Golding, Fuggles)

Projected ABV 11%-11.5%
Projected IBU 50-55
Projected SG 1.108-1.113
Projected SRM 25
Projected FG 1.021-1.026
Ferm Temp 60-70F

Suggested Yeast Strains: 2 packets or a yeast starter is recommended
A01 House
A18 Joystick