Faucet Shank - 4 inch - Stainless Steel

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Serious homebrewers want only the best hardware touching their brew to prevent “off” flavors. This beer faucet shank is made from high quality 304 stainless steel. 
This shank is sold as a complete kit and ready to install--just add tubing and a hose clamp. It comes with a back nut, plastic collar, hex nut, and a 1/4" barb. Requires a 1" hole saw for installation. Due to the length of the back nut and collar, the total wall width the shank can bridge once installed is about 2 3/4".


  • 5-1/4" - Total Length (Tip to Tip)
  • 4-1/4" - Shank Length (Without Nut & Nipple)
  • 3" - Thread Length
  • 2-3/4" - Pass Through Length