German Northern Brewer Hops - 1 oz

German Northern Brewer Hops - 1 oz

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Originally grown in Northern England, Northern Brewer has become one of the main hops grown in the Hallertau region of Germany. Northern Brewer is a great dual purpose hop that is more balanced than U.S. Northern Brewer with grassy, herbal, and piney aromas.

Hop Statistics:
Alpha Acids: 9 – 10%
Beta Acids: 3 – 5%
Alpha-Beta Ratio: 1.8  – 3.33
Cohumulone: (% of alpha acids): 27 – 32%
Total Oils in mls per 100 grams dried: 1  – 1.6
Storage(% alpha acids remaining after 6 months storage at 68° F): N/A
Similar Hop Varieties: N/A

Storability Good
Format Pellet
Origin German
Flavor and Aroma Grassy, Herbal, Piney
Alpha Acids Low
Use Dual Purpose
Total Oil Content High

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