Hammock Lover Lager 5 Gallon - Extract

Hammock Lover Lager 5 Gallon - Extract

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A light and refreshing beer that is perfect for hot days.  Clocking in at less than 5% ABV with a very light hop bitterness and a spicy finish.  This beer is perfect for soaking up the sun in your favorite hammock.

This kit contains:
5.3 pounds extract
1 pound of steeping grain
1 pound of dextrose
3 ounces of hops
Grain Steeping bag

Yeast is sold seperately
Nottingham yeast for fermentation temps of 50-72F
Diamond Lager Yeast for fermentation temps of 50-59
L13 Global 46F - 56F
L28 Urkel 52F - 58F

Projected ABV 4.5%-5%
Projected IBU 20
Projected SG 1.042-1.047
Projected SRM 2
Projected FG 1.010-1.006
Ferm Temp 55F