London Porter 5 Gallon - Extract

London Porter 5 Gallon - Extract

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This dark brown ale is very complex yet refreshing at around 5.5% ABV.  With a light roast, a nutty bready character, and a dry mineral finish this London Porter pairs well with fish and chips, campfires, and conversation.  A reddish hue can be seen through a glass if the beer is held up to the light.

This kit contains:
3.3 pounds Golden Liquid extract
2 pounds Pale ale dry extract
2.25 pounds steeping grain
2 ounces of hops
Grain steeping bag

Projected ABV 5.4%
Projected IBU 28
Projected SG 1.060-1.065
Projected SRM 30
Projected FG 1.010-1.015
Ferm Temp 58-70

Suggested Yeast Strains:
London English Ale Yeast
A07 Flagship
A09 Pub
Safale S-04
CellarScience English