Loral (HCB 291) hops - 1 oz

Loral (HCB 291) hops - 1 oz

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Loral is a relatively new hop that boasts flavors and aromas of both Old World noble characters and New World fruitiness. 

Loral has an interesting mix of the pleasant floral, herbal, and peppery noble character along with notes of lemon-citrus and dark fruit.

The floral, fruity, citrus, character tends to be more prominent in a beer made with this hop, while the qualities of earthy and herbal notes stay more subdued.

Hop Statistics:
Alpha Acids: 10.0 – 12.2%
Beta Acids: 4.5 – 5.5%
Cohumulone: (% of alpha acids): 21 - 24%
Total Oils in mls per 100 grams dried: 1.8 – 2.9
Storage(% alpha acids remaining after 6 months storage at 68° F): 70%

Storability Good
Format Pellet
Origin US
Flavor and Aroma Herbal, Peppery, Lemon-Citrus
Alpha Acids Med
Use Aroma/Flavor/ bitter
Total Oil Content Med
Cohumulone Average