No Boil Apple Cider Kit

No Boil Apple Cider Kit

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Simply add the ingredients to your fermenter and give it a quick shake.  No need to warm up your house by boiling the cider.  

Dry Apple Cider

Made from the highest quality New Zealand apples, this cider comes out clean a crisp. The cider is made from 50% Gala, 25% Braeburn and 25% Jazz apples. Make sure to ferment between 64 - 77 F (ideally in the middle of this range) for 4 days for a sweeter cider or 7 days for a drier cider. Do not use clarifiers. The yeast will settle out with cooling.

Kit Contents:

  • 1.65 kg Apple Cider pouch
  • 11 g pack of Fermentis S-04 ale yeast

Kit Specifications:

  • Makes about 2.5 gal (10 l) of cider
  • Original Gravity - 1.041
  • Final Gravity - 1.010
  • ABV - 4.1%