Samuel Smith Holiday Gift pack - Pub in a box

Samuel Smith Holiday Gift pack - Pub in a box

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From the producer:

This Samuel Smith's Gift Box features a Victorian pint (18.7 oz. or 550 ml), one of each of three classics from Samuel Smith: Nut Brown Ale, Oatmeal Stout, and Taddy Porter. It also includes an authentic Samuel Smith pint glass, and two "Rose of Yorkshire," coasters. This "Traditional British Pub in a Box" comes in heavy full-color packaging showing the Greyhound Inn in Saxton, a 13th-century village pub.


Nut Brown Ale - Style-defining amber-brown ale with a hint of nuttiness from dark malt. (No nuts are used in the recipe.) Finishes with a satisfying fruitiness from the Samuel Smith yeast strain; fermented on open-top stone "Yorkshire Squares."

Oatmeal Stout - a small addition of oats provides smooth body and mouthfeel, and balances the roasty flavor of dark malt beautifully. This is the beer that revived the oatmeal stout style, and has inspired hundreds of other brewers. Classic, refined, elegant stout with English hops supporting the deep malt flavors.

Taddy Porter - Traditional porter, rich and inviting. The color is a bit lighter than stout, and dark-malt flavors are softer, highlighting the frutiness of the yeast strain with the dry character of roasted malt playing a supporting role to English pale malt. Fermented in "Yorkshire Squares."

Nut Brown Ale - ABV: 5.0% - OG: 1.050 - IBU: 31

Oatmeal Stout - ABV: 5.0% - OG: 1.050 - IBU: 32

Taddy Porter - ABV: 5.0% - OG: 1.050 - IBU: 32

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