Slipstream Italian Pilsner - Wren House Brewing Co - 16 oz can

Slipstream Italian Pilsner - Wren House Brewing Co - 16 oz can

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From the producer:

Slipstream is our new, refreshing update to the Italian Pilsner genealogy! The idea is, as always, to create a crisp, clean, naturally carbonated, well foamed, effervescent pilsner that is oh so softly dry hopped with light but bright noblesque hops.

Step-Mashed with 100% @weyermann_specialty_malts German Pilsner Malt, First Wort Hopped with Loral, followed by late kettle Mt. Hood, a whirlpool with Saphir and more Loral, and a delicate dry hop with Mt. Hood and Saphir, Slipstream layers in a beautifully delicate citrus mélange throughout each bright sip. In total we’re getting Guava, Grapefruit, Yuzu, Lemon all in a light, crisp, understated, and super refreshing Pils. We ferment cold and spund toward the end of fermentation to naturally carbonate, condition at near freezing temperature for 3 weeks and ultimately filter to crisp, bright perfection. It’s inspired heavily by the global staples of this Mediterranean style and really clicks for the hot days ahead.

It’s river beer, hiking beer, taproom beer, and drinking beer and it’s all for you.

Style: Pilsner - Italian
ABV: 5.4

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