Vista Hop Rhizome

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9.1-11.3% AA. Grows well in all climates.

Ripe honeydew, papaya and tropical melange, white peach and fleshy pear. Vista hops are the most recent release from the USDA public breeding program. The public hop breeding program is unique in that it exists to broadly benefit the entire hop and brewing industries, whereas private programs look more at explicit private financial gain. The USDA public breeding program bred the genetic hop base on which American craft beer was built: Cascade, Centennial, Cluster. And continues to innovate to adapt towards new DDH hazy, juicy IPA brewer and consumer preferences with releases like Cashmere, Triumph, and now Vista.

Rhizomes should be planted immediately for best results. If your area is still experiencing frost then you can plant them in a planter indoors until it is safe to transplant outside. The first years crop will generally be smaller than subsequent years. Since these are live plants, we cannot guarantee they will grow, so we recommend buying two of each type to help ensure their success.

This hop rhizome will grow into a beautiful hop vine that will produce cascade hop flowers.